Driving Tips and Buying and Selling Cars in Spain
Driving Tips and Buying and Selling Cars in Spain
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Driving in Spain Tips
Driving in SpainDriving in Spain can be quite a change to your experiences of driving a car in other countries, particulary the UK. In addition to the obvious differences of driving 'on the other side' and having speed measurements in Kilometres instead of Miles per hour, Spain has some additional rules and regulations which are quite strictly enforced.

Following the expansion of the European Union in the mid to late 1990's, Spain has benefited very well under grants awarded to Countries within the community to build and improve their road network. Spain is now the envy of much of Europe because of it's modern road network.

Spanish Driving Tips

Your first time driving in Spain may be rather daunting. There's new speed limits to learn, different legislation and the driving etiquette can be quite different from what you may be used to in other European Countries.

    Tips for buying a car in Spain

Buying a car in any foreign country can be fraught with dangers regarding the legalities of the purchase, registration and conformance to inspection regulations. Our Spanish Car buying tips page will help you avoid some of the current pitfuls and get you on the right road to ensuring a smooth and worthwhile purchase!